Freestyle Power for Speed

Are you ready to take your Freestyle stroke to the next level for power, speed, and endurance?  Do you have your freestyle stroke technique in check and you want to get faster?  Then this series of coaching is for you. 

During this course we will concentrate on:

  • Generating power without exhausting effort,
  • Using the correct muscles to work efficiently,
  • Taking advantage of the glide,
  • Lowering the stroke cadence while getting faster,
  • Pouring on the power when you need it most, and
  • Race simulations.

This series is perfect for anyone who has mastered the freestyle technique and wants to race smarter, stronger, and faster, is ideal for Triathletes and master swimmers, and comes with downloadable workouts and video lessons supporting the workouts.


"I loved lesson one and felt some improvement already. I do the short workout one day and the long workout for my second swim of the week.  I have really enjoyed the videos and appreciate the different angles of the camera to see what it is supposed to look like."  Kelley S.


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