Choose the Right Coach…Achieve Your Goals

Everyone has goals.  Studies have shown having the right coach can help you achieve your goals even faster than going it alone.  But…how do you choose that coach?  Today, we’re going to discuss what to look for to find the coach who can propel you to greatness.

Goals:  The first thing you want to make sure of is that the coach you are working with discusses your goals with you and is willing to create a custom program to suit your needs.  If you are wanting to do your first triathlon but are not skilled in swimming, your coach should be a swimming expert who will give you custom swimming workouts which work on your weaknesses and propel you to your goals.

Evaluation:  The coach should offer you a no obligation initial session where you can show them where your skills are starting and they can then match where you are to where you want to be and recommend an appropriate program.  Everyone is different and everyone starts their journey from a different place.  A great coach will realize your individuality and take you from your starting place to your goals and beyond.

Personality:  The most important part of the coaching relationship is making sure your personalities mesh.  If you don’t get along with the coach, how will you trust them to take you to the next level?  The coach should be open to explaining concepts in different ways, using blog posts, online videos and lessons, video feedback from your sessions, different explanations, experimentation, and so much more.  It can’t be “the coach’s way or the highway”.  You know your body and your goals much better than the coach does so make sure they will work with you.

Specialty:  The coach you want to work with should be specialized in what you want to achieve.  Make sure they have the education to make you successful.  If you want to improve your swimming, go to someone who has a proven track record with successful athletes.  Don’t ask your neighbor or the internet how to get better - they don’t know where you are starting and what you need.

Testimonials:  Look at other athletes the coach has worked with.  Did the athletes achieve their goals?  Did they go beyond where they thought they could go?  Do their stories resemble your stories?  If the coach has proven they can help other athletes with their goals, they will be more likely to be able to help you. 

Their Story/Drive:  Read the coach’s story.  Why are they doing what they do?  What drives them to help you achieve your goals?  Their focus should be on helping you achieve your goals.  If they are truly here for their athletes, you will have a great relationship when you need them the most.

Choices:  There should be many different programs for you to choose from which will help you reach your goals but also work for your budget.  A great coach will make a recommendation of a program for you but ultimately leave the decision up to you for what program will work best for your situation.

In the end, make sure you can work with the coach, there are plenty of options for training, and most of all your goals are the focus.  If you’re going to commit your time to working with someone, you need to make sure your goals are going to be met in the end.  The right coach will be there for you over the years when questions arise or if you need to check in for a tune-up.

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