Breathing as a Conversation


Many swimmers have trouble with breathing.  If you are already breathing in through your mouth into your belly, out through your nose from your belly all controlled, and are still having trouble, you should think of your breathing as a conversation.


If you were speaking to someone using your swimming breathing, would it be a normal conversation or would the other person think you were having some sort of attack and call 9-1-1?

Make your swimming breathing more of a conversation by finding a phrase you can say to yourself as you're breathing out which matches a good 3 or 4 arm cadence.  For example: "The quick brown fox jumps over the fence (breathe)."  Reciting a phrase will help your body know the breath is coming up and the consistent cadence will help the body relax.

For more help on breathing, check out The Air We Breathe and Making Breathing Easier.  For further instruction, enroll in Improve your Freestyle today.

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