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Work with Coach Caron to improve your swimming from the comfort of your own pool, at your pace, and in your own time right here at Winning Swimming University. 

Contrary to popular belief, you can work toward your goals without someone standing over you correcting your every move.  This program allows you to work with a world class coach, in your own pool, on your own schedule, at your own pace. 

Each program has 3 levels to choose from - one for everyone, including you!

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Check out our online programs from Improve your Freestyle to programs for Water Safety Certification. 

Coach Caron

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"Thanks to your coaching, I had probably the best swim I have ever had in a race. I was calm and relaxed- the only hiccup was in the last 50 yards or so going into the swim out, I got sandwiched between 2 people and got kicked a few times. I kept my cool, pulled up, and found a new lane. But during the swim I was calm and relaxed. I even passed a few people and used power and not a fast cadence to do it! I am usually getting passed by people so that was a big thing for me! I never felt tired, out of breath, or panicky. So imagine my surprise when I found out I shaved more than 1 minute off my previous best time there! I definitely could have pushed harder but was really focused on a calm and even swim."

Meghan B.
Triathlon Swimming Student

"Our daughter worked with Coach Caron for six months leading up to the beginning of her high school season. During this time, Coach Caron helped our daughter to improve her technique in all strokes and build her confidence. Coach Caron also provided tips for racing strategies. Our daughter’s high school coaches noticed her improvement right away. In her high school season opener, our daughter qualified for sectionals in the 500 free and showed improved times in other events. We recommend Coach Caron for any high school swimmer who is looking for dedicated training along with their regular regime."

W. Family
High School Swimmer

"I loved lesson one and felt some improvement already. I do the short workout one day and the long workout for my second swim of the week. I have really enjoyed the videos and appreciate the different angles of the camera to see what it is supposed to look like. "

Kelley S.
Freestyle Power for Speed Student

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